Month: December 2016

Poll: Help Pick Our New Blog Series!

Vote for B&B’s New Post Series! Given the success of our “Biglaw Basics” post series, we’re thinking of launching additional post series dedicated to particular perspectives on Biglaw practice (in addition to our legal technology series, which we will be launching imminently).  We’d love your view on what should come first.  Please weigh in below (if you can’t narrow it down to a single choice, the survey will let you pick more than one) and in the comments (to offer any additional thoughts/color).   We look forward to hearing from you and launching our new...

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Build a Personal Precedent Library

Last week, we discussed the importance of working from the right precedents and offered a few suggestions for how to find them.  But as you get more senior, the first place you should be looking for precedential guidance is to your own experience and files. Great associates have a wealth of information at their fingertips to reference and build upon.  As a foundation, they catalogue the (material) work they’ve done and documents they’ve contributed to in the past so that they can quickly refer back to their prior experiences to inform current tasks.  They also seek to supplement that...

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