The Summer Lunch List (2017)

So, when we were introducing our “Tips for Summer Associates” series on the first/introductory episode of the Blacklines & Billables podcast, this happened:

Ep. 1 - Introduction (clip)

The Blacklines & Billables Podcast

Even though we were joking at the time (and the whole point of the joke was to highlight the substantive nature of our other “Tips for Summer Associates” posts), I actually think it would incredibly useful to create an authoritative, crowdsourced list of the best summer-lunch spots. 

Towards the end of my summer (when the remaining summer lunches were in short supply), I remember running around comparing notes with other summers and asking associates for recommendations because I wanted to make sure I didn’t missed any of the best spots or I’d already exhausted all the obvious options.

Let’s help current and future summers cut to the chase.

What’s Your Favorite Summer Lunch Restaurant?

Maybe it’s the nicest meal you’ve ever had.  Or maybe it’s a fun, casual place where you were able to really stretch the budget to have an epic meal (particularly when opting for a summer “dinner”, instead of a summer lunch). 

The Summer Lunch List

Whatever the case may be, help the 2017 summers make the most of their last month of summer meals by sharing your favorite spot and upvoting other suggestions you agree with in The Issues List.

(Note:  It requires logging in, although anonymous login details are fine.  If for any reason you can’t post in TIL, add your suggestions to the comments below, and we’ll bring them over for the final list.)