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Biz dev as a junior associate?

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How does a junior associate best go about developing lasting relationships with clients and financial advisors?

Christian Lang
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It's a great topic.  We'll address it after the initial "Biglaw Basics" run.  Firms will often talk about "doing great work" as the best kind of business development, and that's certainly true.  But there's much more to be said, from looking for opportunities to unexpectedly make the lives of clients/financial advisers a little easier (and to let them know you're thinking about them even when you're not on the billable clock) to learning how to communicate with them in a way that makes you be the lawyer they actually WANT to talk to (as opposed to someone who refuses to eschew legalese and communicate like a normal (and commercially minded) person).  I'm also a big believer in the purely social types of BD activities.  In the couple of times I had a hand in either bringing in new clients or generating inbound inquiries, it was always as a direct result of a purely social relationship.