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Questions NOT to ask?

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It sounds like you may cover this in a future post anyway, but (after the Staffing Meeting post) I'd be curious to know what questions you think SHOULDN'T be asked.

Christian Lang
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It's a great question.  And one that doesn't always have a clear answer.  We'll definitely address it in a future post.  As a preview, there are a lot of times where you can get a huge amount of value from trying to figure something out on your own, even if you don't actually quite get there.  It generates learning that really sticks with you.  A great technique for both avoiding the questions that maybe shouldn't be asked and getting the most out of those that should is to challenge yourself to always propose an answer to your own question.  When you raise something with the senior or partner, float your idea or instinct and ask if it's right, as opposed to simply saying, "hey--what's the answer?".