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[Sticky] Please Read This Before Using TIL

Christian Lang
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Welcome to The Issues List!  This is a place for our members of our community to carry on the conversations begun in the blog posts by chipping in their two cents and their own tips or tricks, as well as for you to start your conversations on topics that interest you or questions that you have.  In particular, because it’s been our experience that junior lawyers are often reluctant to ask certain questions to others at their firms for fear of looking behind the curve or like they don’t know something they should—a concern which is almost always unfounded— we hope to give those folks an ability to crowdsource answers to these questions in our community of readers and contributors.

The more the merrier (and the more useful).  So please ask, respond and weigh in using the “like” button (the more crowdsourced input the better).  But you can just lurk if that’s your thing—no worries.

You’re all smart people, so we won’t go overboard with rules or community standards; but a few key things to note before you begin participating in the forum.


You’ve hopefully done so already, but please READ THE SITE TERMS OF USE.

We encourage you to post about a wide range of topic and ask whatever questions you like, but remember:  this site is about practical tips for how to improve your development and the effectiveness of your practice.  It is not a place to discuss your substantive legal questions for actual client work, and you should never, ever, ever post anything that even is even arguably in the same universe as confidential information of your clients or firms.  (For example, absolutely ask the community for their recommendation on the best secondary source for getting smart about the rules governing private placements in the U.S.; never contextualize that sort of question with information about a particular matter your working on.)

We take our professional responsibility obligations very seriously.  Please do the same.


The Issues List is moderated by the community (you’ll see the buttons to flag things that are inappropriate or spammy), as well as B&B admins.  In light of the site terms and these rules, please do your part to help.

To avoid having your contributions flagged as inappropriate, keep your comments on topic (or start a new thread on a new one) and be respectful to everyone else.  The forum will best most useful to us all with healthy dialogue, disagreement and diversity of ideas, so place nice with others.

(Check back for updates, which will be forthcoming.)

Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2016 1:08 am