The Rumble in the…Conference Room?

I love our legal tech crowd.  They’re fun, bright, driven, and–unsurprisingly, given that many of them are lawyers–competitive.

That drive to compete reared its head a few months ago when a couple of my favorite legal founders, Alma Asay and Haley Altman, and I were discussing the “Legal Technology Assessment” created by our buddy Casey Flaherty and his company Procertas.  Alma and Haley–who were both very successful practicing lawyers before diving into legal tech–were convinced not only that they could master the LTA, but that they could each best the other in a head-to-head showdown.  And the idea was for the #LTAfaceoff was born!



The #LTAfaceoff

After minimal planning, at the end of this year’s ILTACON, we borrowed a room, set up some mics and camera, and let these two legal tech heavyweights slug it out over the minutae of Microsoft Word (i.e., the standard fare of your typical junior associate).  Since it promised to be a knock-down, drag-out affair, we let each competitor bring a hype man/woman to set the tone and lend moral support.  (Enter the incomparable Ryan Alshak of Ping (sorry, Ryan, for actually linking to the website) and Nicole Bradick of Theory & Principle, who are 100% responsible for making even small portions of this video watchable.)

Though you might not think a Microsoft Word proficiency assessment makes for good television, it actually turned out a hilariously and fiercely contested affair.

Special thanks to the folks at ILTA for their support/indulgence and Tess Ramanlal for her video work.

What do you think?

We hope you enjoy Blacklines & Billables’s first video podcast.  Let me know what you think and if we should do more in the future by tweeting at @bnblegal and using the hashtag #LTAfaceoff.  (Also follow our newly created YouTube station!)