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NYC Legal Tech Meetup: “Investing in Legal Tech” Panel (7/26/18)

Join the NYC Legal Tech Meetup for its “Investing in Legal Tech” panel on Thursday, July 26th, at the New York offices of Dentons, as we take a deep dive into how top investors evaluate investments in legal technology, what makes legal different as a tech investment vertical, and which are the key frontiers for the future of legal tech and innovation.

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Ep. 6 – “Value-Added VC”: Our Conversation with Nextlaw Labs CEO Dan Jansen

Episode 6 of the Blacklines & Billables podcast: our interview with Dan Jansen, CEO of Dentons-backed Nextlaw Labs, discussing Nextlaw Labs’s “value-added VC” model that seeks to drive the reinvention of the practice of law via technology, exploring law firms’ potential motivations for engaging with and invest in the legal tech startup ecosystem, and examining key trends in the broader legal tech landscape.

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