For those of you interested in legal innovation, our founder is launching a new type of legal innovation conference in NYC on February 1, 2019, at New York Law School in Tribeca.  It’s called Inspire.Legal™.

What is Inspire.Legal™?

Too often, legal technology and innovation conferences simply rehash the same tired conversations and revolve around the brightest, shiniest new tech widgets in the market–widgets that frequently feel like solutions in search of problems.

Inspire.Legal™ is different. We’re gathering together a diverse set of lawyers, clients, technologists, and other legal innovators to crowdsource a curated set of the most pressing problems facing our industry, collaborating to better understand and define the challenges crying out for more focus and inspiring creative new solutions through interactive programming and ecumenical dialogues.

Learn More & See Who's Involved

Inspire.Legal will be doing things differently.  Learn how.