I’m excited to announce that B&B will be launching “Tips for Law Students”, beginning with a  guest series on “How to Succeed in Law School” setting forth battle-tested strategies for how to study smart and achieve the best possible grades in law school, including tips on:

  • taking good notes;
  • making use of study groups;
  • outlining classes; and
  • acing exams.

The series is chalk full of concrete methods and tangible approaches to help law students excel.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’m also excited to announce that, in anticipation of this year’s Early Interview Weeks/On-Campus Interviews, which begin in the next month, our next Associate Intel meetup will be focused on answering law students’ interview-related questions.

We’ll be setting the date and time for the meetup shortly, but—the meantime—join the meetup if you haven’t already (to be notified of the date/time when set and RSVP) and post your interview-related questions in The Issues List.  If we have enough questions (and we can’t cover them all at the meetup), we’ll devote an episode of the B&B podcast to ensuring they’re all covered.

Finally, if you’re a law student, please help us spread the word about both of the above to your friends and classmates (share buttons to the side/below).