We’re excited to announce that, starting next week, Blacklines & Billables will be expanding its reach to cover other facets of associate life and the associate experience, beginning with legal technology and innovation.

We’ll be striving to offer insightful commentary on key developments affecting firms today and to bring focus on as-of-yet unserved needs and other nagging issues that can–and should–drive future innovation in the legal tech space.  This effort will comprise blog posts on what’s new in the legal tech market and key trends, interviews with legal innovators and other thought leaders, and potentially some product features/reviews along the way.  As with our lawyer-training content, we look forward to hearing what you’re interested in and shaping our content to respond to your feedback.

Our New, Second Focus: Legal Tech and Innovation!

To kick off this new area of content focus, we’ll be covering ALM’s Legalweek: The Experience at the New York Hilton Midtown.

We’ll be tweeting (@bnblegal) and posting on the event throughout the week and will also be posting a longer form round-up of the event and our takeaways when it’s all said and done.  So as to avoid wearing out our welcome in your inboxes, we won’t be pushing out our incremental/daily updates to the newsletter, so follow us on Twitter to be notified when new content hits the site.  (And we’ll try to figure out the whole segmented email list business moving forward so you can tailor your subscription preferences accordingly.)

We’re excited to continue building our B&B community with this new, second area of focus, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on legal tech and innovation!