Episode 1:  Introduction


Summary:  Guest host Patrick Delaney and host Christian Lang discuss the background of the broader Blacklines & Billables project (its provenance, mission, and content to date) and the vision for the podcast.


Ep. 1 Show Notes:

For more on the background of the Blacklines & Billables project, see our blog’s “Welcome” post: https://blacklinesandbillables.com/community/welcome/.

Our content breaks into two categories: (1) Associate Success & Development and (2) Legal Tech & Innovation.

Our series on the Associate Success side (including sub-bullets with the links to the specific posts mentioned in this episode) are:

On the Legal Tech side, we mentioned our post:  Robot, Esq.?  Four Reasons Lawyers Shouldn’t Fear AI and Automation Legal Tech.

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The Blacklines & Billables Podcast | Exploring law firm associate success and the cutting edge of legal technology and innovation

Amid a rapidly changing market for legal services, Blacklines & Billables takes a critical look at the cutting edge of legal technology and innovation, as well as law-firm associate success and development.  An avid legal technologist and former Biglaw associate in New York and London, host Christian Lang explores the promise—and pitfalls—of an evolving legal and technological landscape with leading practitioners, legal tech founders, and other thought leaders, building upon the conversations begun on the Blacklines & Billables blog.

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