We’ve gotten some great feedback on the project from so many of you over the last ten months, and we try hard to respond to that feedback and build on what you’re finding most valuable.  That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of a new B&B post series:  Associate Advice “Quick Tips”.

We’ve heard time and again that our readers truly appreciate the nuanced, detailed nature of the discussions in our Associate Success & Development series, which helps make the content tangible and “stick”.  But we’ve also heard that some of our longer posts can be a challenge to get through on a busy workday.  That’s why we’re launching the “Quick Tips” series.

“Quick Tips” will highlight a single, discrete tip drawn from our longer form content.  We’ll set out, in a paragraph or less, a bite-sized trick of the trade and then refer readers back to the source material (so they can still take the deeper dive into the broader context, if helpful).  We think our Quick Tips will not only provide our readers with valuable associate-success content in bite-sized chunks, it’ll help refresh key points from for our regular readers so that they remember and internalize the advice.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the Quick Tips.  And, as always, please leave comments to the posts with feedback and ideas for additional Quick Tips in the future!