Ep. 9 – Voices of Legalweek18

Summary:  Armed with a portable microphone and eight questions on the past, present, and future of the legal tech industry, we struck out to capture a taste of the #Legalweek18 experience for our listeners.  A compilation of short answers to important question from 18 of legal tech’s key thinkers and innovators, this “Voices of Legalweek18” podcast (Episode 9 of the Blacklines & Billables podcast) encapsulates some of the most important trends in legal technology and reflects the important conversations happening at one of the largest legal tech conferences in the world.


The Questions:

  1. Looking back, what was the most important legal tech trend or development of 2017?
  2. Looking forward, what will be the most important legal tech trend or development of 2018?
  3. What’s something that over-hyped on today’s legal tech landscape?
  4. What’s something that under-hyped on today’s legal tech landscape?
  5. Who is your favorite legal tech Twitter/social media follow?
  6. What’s the most significant current obstacle to the wider adoption of legal technology?
  7. Name an institution on the legal landscape (firm, school, corporate, etc.) doing something particularly innovative.
  8. What has been (or do you expect to be) your favorite part of Legalweek18?

A special thanks to all of our guests (in order of first appearance):

  • Dan Jansen, CEO of Nextlaw Ventures
  • Catherine Krow, Founder and CEO of Digitory Legal
  • Casey Flaherty, Procertas
  • Daryl Shetterly, Director of Orrick Analytics
  • Andrew Arruda, Cofounder and CEO of ROSS Intelligence
  • Oliver Goodenough, Professor at Vermont Law School, VP and Director of Skopos Labs
  • Nehal Madhani, Founder and CEO of Alt Legal
  • Haley Altman, Founder and CEO of Doxly
  • Dan Linna, Professor and Director of Legal RnD at Michigan State University College of Law
  • Alma Asay, Chief Innovation Officer of Integreon
  • Bob Craig, CIO of Baker & Hostetler
  • Stephen Allen, Global Head of Legal Service Delivery of Hogan Lovells
  • Ryan Alshak, CEO of Ping
  • Bob Ambrogi, Creator of Law Sites, Editor and Publisher of LexBlog
  • Emily Foges, CEO of Luminance
  • Patrick Fuller, VP of Legal Intelligence at ALM Intelligence
  • Nick Bruch, Senior Legal Market Analyst at ALM Intelligence
  • Bill O’Boyle, Founder and CEO of North State Consulting

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