Quick Tip #1: Own What You Can, Do It Perfectly, and Build On It

For our first Quick Tip, we’re going to recall our very first post:  Adding Value on Day One”.  When you’re just starting out—in your career or just in a new area of law—it can be hard to make substantive contributions.  But you can’t let that distract you.  There are always things you can do, and do well.  To start off strong, find those things, take full responsibility for them, and get them 100% right.  Every time.  Even if they’re just little things like document formatting.  And then constantly be looking for opportunities to expand that zone of responsibility—to take ownership of more tasks and additional workstreams—always knocking them out of the park.  Not only will that lay the foundation for a rock-solid reputation, it’ll help you get the best work.  When you demonstrate personal ownership of the quality of a piece of work and a commitment to getting that work exactly right, your seniors will trust you with increasingly important tasks.  And you’ll also subtly be building your own work-portfolio by picking up and taking responsibility for additional little pieces along the way.  Next thing you know, you’ll be inextricably immersed in, and essential to, your matters.  And from a career-advancement perspective, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.