Ep. 4 – Panel: Callback Interview Q&A

Summary:  Episode 4 of the Blacklines & Billables podcast: a panel discussion on law firm callback interview tips for law students. Answering questions about Biglaw callback interviews submitted by members of the B&B community following our blog post entitled “Law Firm Interview Tips: EIW/OCI Edition” and the “Interview Q&A” Associate Intel meetup, host Christian Lang and guests Victoria Coyle and Matt Weinberg explore the dos and don’ts of Biglaw callbacks and offer opinions on common interview-related questions shaped from the experience of interviewing hundreds of candidates on behalf of top firms.

Among others, the questions include:

  • What’s the most important information to learn about a law firm before and during a callback interview?
  • How much research about a firm should an interviewee conduct?
  • What are the best and worst things a candidate can do in a Biglaw interview?
  • Is it ok for a candidate to express uncertainty about his or her professional interests in the interview?
  • Should an interviewee proactively address perceived weaknesses in one’s resume or background?
  • What are the best/most effective questions to ask in an interview?
  • Are there any unexpectedly inadvisable fashion or attire choices?
  • Given the choice, should a callback interviewee always go to lunch, and—while at an interview lunch—is there anything an interviewee should not order?
  • How can one to pick the right firm among multiple offers, including balancing a sense of “fit” with firm prestige?
  • Should candidates send interview thank-you notes?
  • Should candidates split their summers or pursue a summer rotation to a foreign office?

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