New NYC Legal Tech Meetup!

After toying with the idea for more than year, at the end of last week, I pulled the trigger and launched a legal tech meetup group for NYC.  I’d love for members of the B&B community to join us!  We’re having a kickoff happy hour on September 21st to meet everyone, discuss our legal tech interests, and chart a path forward for the meetup.

The group will meet once a month.  In terms of programming, I’m eager to gather input from others in the group, but I envision having regular informal happy hours alongside a series of legal tech demo sessions and panel discussions on key topics for the industry (e.g., blockchain, AI).

As the group grows, we’ll also be looking for sponsorships (e.g., law firms to host a meetup), so please let us know if you work for an institution that would be interested in sponsoring the meetup.

NYC Legal Tech Meetup

Join the NYC Legal Tech Meetup

Join our new NYC-based legal tech community, and come to the #NYCLTM Kick-off Happy Hour on September 21!