Ep. 7 – “In-House Looking Out: 4 Tips for Outside Counsel” [View from the Client Side]

Summary:  Episode 7 of the Blacklines & Billables podcast: our interview with guest-poster Patrick Delaney to follow up on his blog piece entitled “In-House Looking Out: 4 Tips for Outside Counsel.”

Part of B&B’s “View from the Client Side” series and one of the blog’s most popular posts to date, “In-House Looking Out: 4 Tips for Outside Counsel” details four general, yet essential tips that help law firm associates deliver the best possible advice to their clients. Building upon his blog post and drawing on a wealth of experience as a firm-lawyer-turned-in-house-counsel at one of the Big Four accounting firms, Patrick lays out specific tips and tricks–as well as their underlying rationale–to help law firm associates understand not just what they should be doing, but WHY they should be doing it.

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Amid a rapidly changing market for legal services, Blacklines & Billables takes a critical look at the cutting edge of legal technology and innovation, as well as law-firm associate success and development.  An avid legal technologist and former Biglaw associate in New York and London, host Christian Lang explores the promise—and pitfalls—of an evolving legal and technological landscape with leading practitioners, legal tech founders, and other thought leaders, building upon the conversations begun on the Blacklines & Billables blog.

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