Ep. 8 – Selling Empathy: AI, “The Law of Robots,” and the Future of Legal Work, with Ed Walters

Summary:  Episode 8 of the Blacklines & Billables podcast: our discussion with Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase, on the accelerating march of artificial intelligence and its implications for the law and its consequences for lawyers (and the public at large).

In this episode, we take a fascinating tour through some of the most important and dizzying technological developments of the day, and Ed’s unique brand of incisive, yet level-headed analysis helps us make sense of where we stand, where we’re likely headed, and what the implications are for lawyers, law practice, and our legal framework more broadly.

The fascinating discussion dives into a wide range of topics relating to the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous machines, including: (a) exploring the background and pedagogy of Ed’s course at Georgetown Law and Cornell Tech on “The Law of Robots,” which seeks to engage conversations about the potential need for new legal and regulatory approaches to governing AI-driven technologies; (b) analyzing why NOW is the critical time for lawyers and lawmakers to grapple with foundational legal, moral, and ethical questions raised by the development of adaptive machine learning; and (c) dealing with the social impact—from job losses to over-reliance on technological crutches—of increasingly powerful and autonomous machines.

For more of Ed’s singular perspective, follow him on Twitter @EJWalters.

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